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Thank you for your interest in working for Hft. These notes have been designed to assist you in completing your application on line, so please take a few minutes to read through them before completing your application.

The application form and supporting documents are available in hard copy. Please contact Hft’s Human Resources (HR) Department in Bristol on 0117 906 1700. If you require any assistance in completing your application please also contact the HR Department.

It is vital that you complete all sections of the application for itself. The panel will only use information on your application form to decide whether to select you for interview. If you already work for Hft, you should also be aware that you will be in full competition with external applicants, if the post has been advertised externally.

After reading the job description and person specification, think carefully about how you can show that you can meet the must haves for the job. Wherever possible, give details of your qualifications, skills and experience which match those listed on the enclosed person specification. What recent examples, either work-related or outside work, can you give to demonstrate your suitability? The panel will refer to the person specification when they draw up a short-list for interview, so it is important that you include anything you feel matches this. Whilst you should be honest about your skills and experience, you should also make sure you don’t ‘under-sell’ yourself.

The following are examples to illustrate how you might evidence this in practice:

Person Specification

Must haves: ‘Able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people, including people being supported, parents and professionals’.

Example Response ‘In my current job, I communicate by phone, letter and e-mail with managers, staff and outside companies. I make sure my style of communication is appropriate in each case, and I feel I have built up good working relationships with a wide range of people. I think my line manager would confirm this in a reference.’

Person Specification

Must haves: ‘Able to motivate and encourage individuals in a supportive manner.’

Example Response ‘In my spare time I help at a local youth club. Some of the teenagers have learning disability. I organise various activities such as snooker tournaments, basketball matches, and trips to the cinema. I try to encourage all the young people to say what they want to do, and motivate them to try something new or interesting.’

When completing Section 4, Details of other/previous employment - You should include any work which you have done, including voluntary, part-time, holiday jobs, work experience etc – these may well be relevant and helpful to the panel. Make sure you give your reason for leaving each job, and salary at that point. If you have had any periods of time since leaving full time education which have not been accounted for, please indicate what you were doing during this period, e.g. time off to care for children, travelling and unemployment.

When completing Section 5, Skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities - It would be helpful to the panel if you say here why you are applying for this post, eg to gain experience, for career development, for salary progression etc.

When completing Section 7, References - Hft asks for the names of two referees, which must include your current or last employer, and a previous employer. We recognise, however, that not everyone has worked for two employers. If you have only had one employer, or if you have had a career break (perhaps to bring up a family, look after a relative, or take time out to travel), Hft can accept a reference from a professional person who has known you for more than one year i.e. Lawyer, Doctor, Police Officer. You could also name a referee who has known you through voluntary work you have done – e.g. if you are a School Governor, you could name the Chair of the Board of Governors, if you help out at a children’s playgroup, you could name the organiser of the group, or you could name your Religious Leader, if you are involved in religious activities. If you have recently left school or college, you should give your teacher/tutor as one of your referees. Hft is unable to accept references from friends, relatives or colleagues. If you need help deciding who you can name as your referee, you can contact our Human Resources Department in Bristol.

Please note that if you accept a post with Hft, your current or last employer will be approached to provide a reference.

When completing Section 8, Convictions - The post for which you are applying is exempt from the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. All convictions, cautions and reprimands should be disclosed in section 8, spent and unspent, including driving disqualifications. Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from being considered for a post with Hft. However, failure to disclose information on convictions, cautions and reprimands may be regarded as grounds for dismissal if you are appointed. Please make sure, therefore, that you complete Section 8 of the application form accurately.

Please ensure that you read through your application to check for an omissions or errors prior to submitting it. Remember you can print your form out before submitting it. You can also save it at any time during the process.

Finally, we wish you success in your application. If, however, you are not invited for interview on this occasion, please apply for future posts which interest you, as next time you may be just what we are looking for.